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I got these pics late last night from my aunt who lives about 5-10 miles from the Santiago Canyon fire. Thankfully, everyone J & I know down there is safe and sound.

What the hell?!?

About 30 min ago I'm getting ready to start washing a few dishes when I hear someone yelling outside. I didn't think anything of it because the kids across the street have been playing outside all day. But then I realized this was no kid's voice but a grown woman's voice.

The Holy S**T Moment of the Week

Wow, that's just incredible!

Looking forward to the Hips :)

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Who: The Mother Hips. Opening is Hiss Golden Messenger & Cabinessence

When: Tonight! - Doors 8p, Show 9p - $14

Where: Doug Fir

6pm inStore appearance at Music Millenium NW

Phoow, we've all felt this way before...

So, this came to my attention via damnportlanders , which got there thanks to craigslist. 


And I'm apparently out of it as well because I didn't realize that red dye #2 was no longer used or that Mr. Potato Head is sans pipe or that the Tasmanian Devil speaks. :-/

Feeling small & insignificant...

and I mean that in the best possible way. Check out these comparison pictures -- totally trippy man ;)

There are few times that I am glad that I'm hundreds of miles away from friends and woo boy, this week was one of them. One friend, we'll call her T, found out that another friend, who we'll call L, had sex with T's ex/current boyfriend (those details are still unclear). So T's pissed at L and L's feeling like shit and neither of them are speaking to one another, not yet anyway. And somehow we've all been involved in this mess in some fashion or another. The sordid tale just keeps getting murkier & murkier and things are not what they appear to be, at least to some parties involved. THIS IS ALL BULLSHIT -- what, are we in high school again? Blargh.

What is so hard about keeping your genitals in your pants? It's really not that difficult to NOT have sex with people. 

I just feel so bad for L & T. I love them both and they both love each other & it's heartbreaking watching this friendship explode.

Apr. 29th, 2006

Man, I really stink at keeping this thing updated, which leads me to thinking about my uncle.

I just got a letter from him full of encouragements & articles about the act of writing, the process of writing, etc. I never really expressed my interest in pursuing writing to him - I was so singleminded about wanting to teach until I graduated and then I started feeling differently. My sister told him, which is just fine -- it wasn't a secret or anything, I just never got around to telling him. But I don't know, now that he knows, I feel like I have to try my hardest and not give up. It's so easy to say, ah fuck it to yourself but when a relative/friend/mentor pushes you & knows you want to pursue writing (just like he's been writing for decades & decades), well it's get a bit harder to say fuck it. So I best cut it out with the excuses & get to getting. Buuuut, first I better finish my shift. See, I feel like writing now that I'm working. lol.